About aluminum glass office partitions

About aluminum glass office partitions


Aluminum glass office partitions, as the name suggests: aluminum alloy for the framework of the glass partition wall, also known as glass partition. The main function is to use aluminum alloy clip glass as partition according to the demand division, more reasonable use of good space, to meet office use. Aluminum glass office partitions usually adopts tempered glass, with the advantages of wind pressure, high and low, and impact, so it is more safe, solid and durable, and the damage to the human body after the glass is much smaller than ordinary glass. There are two types of materials: single and Double.

Partition project should be good lighting, sound insulation, environmental protection. Aluminum glass office partitions is also called Office High cubicle, Office high partition, office high cut off, partition, finished partition, aluminum partition, high screen, glass partition, Office partition, office partition wall, etc. Even some people call it a screen.


Aluminum glass office partitions is a kind of top, can completely divide the space partition.

Professional type of high partition, not only to achieve the traditional space-separated functions, but also in lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy to install, elegant aluminum glass office partitions can be reused, mass production and other characteristics of the obvious superior to the traditional partitions.