About Aluminum Partition Profile

About Aluminum Partition Profile


Aluminum Partition Profile divided into Aluminum High Partition Profile and Aluminum Office Partition Profile.


1 Aluminum High Partition Profile

Aluminum High Partition Profile, a variety of parameter requirements are higher than the desk screen, its aluminum thickness of more than 1.2mm, there are side sealing side door frame, the finished product thickness of more than 7cm, the thicker the wall, the more stable structure, high insulation screen commonly used fire board and glass, cloth velvet because of cleaning is not convenient, so relatively less use.

Aluminum High Partition Profile has double-glazed and single-layer glass, can add blinds, glass are tempered glass, after installation structure is very stable.

2 Aluminum Office Partition Profile.

Aluminum Office Partition Profile also known as the card seat. Aluminum Office Partition Profile thickness of about 1mm, the top edge sealing, connecting cover, side sealing edge, wire board are aluminum alloy materials; finished product thickness 2cm to 6cm, glass generally in the top of the screen, optional full transparent glass, full scrub glass, striped frosted glass and other glass, screen in the middle of the screen finishes are flannel, fire board, aluminum plastic plate, Steel plate, screen bottom for the wire, the middle can walk wires, telephone lines, network cable, etc., the bottom is equipped with adjustable height adjustable foot. Screen and plate table fixed after the composition of the screen desk, under the table can be installed keyboard rack, host frame, moving cabinets and so on.