Advantages of aluminum wardrobe profile

Advantages of aluminum wardrobe profile

1.Indoor aluminum wardrobe profiles of the outer frame and inner frame are adopted oxidation, electrophoresis, sandblasting, spraying processing, wood grain processing using a vacuum transfer wood grain technology Titanium alloy profiles, product lines clear, with pure natural wood door texture, never peeling, durable. Rugged, not deformed, not rusty, non-polluting, soundproof, heat insulation, fire, waterproof, strong stability, 20 years, not fade and many other advantages.

In particular, door and window styles, doors and windows quality and the style of aluminum doors and windows in the door and window profiles market fashion.

2.Aluminum alloy door and window structure intellectualization: The profile through the high quality angle code assembling production craft, can adjust eliminates the indoor bad environment factor to cause the internal stress, guarantees the aluminum alloy indoor aluminum wardrobe profile use longest life.

3.Aluminum Wardrobe profile Frame Structure: the structure of scientific and reasonable, indoor environment caused by internal force effective mutual cancellation of zero. Structure science, reasonable structure. To ensure the stability of the product structure.

4.Environmental health characteristics of aluminum wardrobe profile:traditional wood wardrobe paint and adhesive glue will contain some volatile harmful gas, aluminum wardrobe profiles through spot welding technology, never produce toxic gases and stimulate odor release, the real health of green environmentally friendly products.