Advantages of sand blasting on aluminum profile products

Advantages of sand blasting on aluminum profile products

We meet in daily life a lot of aluminum products surface is not bright but with texture of sand blasting,this matt effect meet modern aesthetic requirements, low-key luxury connotation. And how did that effect come about? In fact, it is one of the surface treatment during the production,when aluminum profiles extruded and then made sand surface treatment process,sand surface treatment can be divided into chemical methods and physical methods two categories.Chemical methods because it is not environmentally friendly, today mainly introduces the physical sandblasting.

The principle of sandblasting is to take the hard and small King Kong sand particles through the sandblasting machine that impact on the surface of aluminum profile products,so that the surface to form a well-distributed pit, very small that we can hardly see with naked eye, only to see that the original bright aluminum products into matte.

The advantage of aluminum sand blasting process is, of course, not only to get the surface sub-light effect,it is also has the advantages as follows:

1.The removal of aluminum profile products on the surface of the anodizing film,whether it is a naturally formed oxidation film or anodizing film through sandblasting treatment can be removed.This is also the cause of the sandblasting process before the anodizing process.

2.For other surface treatment process preparation, sandblasting after the aluminum profile plating, electroplating layer bonding force is more stronger.Sand blasting treatment of aluminum profiles is also able to enhance the coating bonding force.

3.Improve the mechanical properties of aluminum parts,sand blasting treatment of aluminum parts can be increased by 0.5-1 finish, there is still a small sag on the surface of the part can store lubricating oil which lead to good lubrication effect, thus extending the service life of aluminum parts, and reduce mechanical operating noise.

4.The removal of aluminum profile processing parts of the tiny burrs,especially precision parts, the finish requirements are very high, small burrs will cause defects in parts. For example, 3C communication parts, textile machinery parts, aerospace precision parts, medical device parts and so on.After spraying sand treatment, you can remove the tiny burr and get the glossy surface.

5.To solve the problem of metal reflection, some aluminum products are strictly required not to allow reflection, such as some surgical instruments, the use of sand blasting is an effective solution.