Aluminum extrusion industry and development

Aluminum extrusion industry and development direction

Extrusion of aluminum profiles is already a very mature process technology, and its production process and technology have also been improved and changed, but it has not changed much in recent years. The future development trend of aluminum extrusion industry should be:

1. Strengthen the indoor project management technology to meet the construction market and open it to e-commerce, with higher overall quality, more flexibility and shorter production cycle. Aluminum extrusion presses have realized that due to user demand and high-quality accuracy requirements After-sales service innovation will be an important competitive advantage.

Aluminum extrusion

2. Product update is a particularly important competitive advantage for the aluminum commercial market and construction market. Especially aluminum profile surface treatment technologies, such as the development of high-performance "Kynar" surface treatment technology and special coatings. The appearance of multiple colors of anodization is very important for the appearance and design of aluminum profiles.

3, technological innovation is accelerating. From highly flexible extruders to new automated transport and heat treatment technologies, there will be opportunities for extrusion plants and better service to users.

After-sales service, product renewal and technological innovation will enable aluminum extrusion industry to have market potential and be stimulated by market competition and user demand.