Aluminum Pipes and Tubes

Aluminum Pipes and Tubes

Aluminum pipes are a kind of nonferrous metal tube, with pure aluminum or aluminium alloy being extruded and processed into hollow vertical long metal piping materials.   


Brief Introduction on Aluminium Pipes and Tubes

English names: aluminum tube, aluminium tube, aluminum pipe, aluminium pipe.

Aluminum pipes have one or more holes, with even and unanimous wall thickness and cross section, delivered in linear type or roll type. Aluminum pipes and tubes are widely used in cars, ships, aerospace, electrical appliances, agriculture, machinery, home furnishing, etc.

Types of Aluminum Pipes and Tubes

Aluminum pipes are mainly divided into the following types:

According to shapes: square pipe, round pipe, figured pipe, special-shaped pipe

According to extrusion means: seamless aluminum pipe and common aluminum extrusion pipe

According to precision: common aluminum pipe and precision aluminum pipe. Precision aluminium pipes need further process after extrusion, such as cold drawing and rolling.

According to thickness: common aluminum pipe and thin-wall aluminum pipe

According to performance: anti-corrosive, light weight


Advantages of Aluminum Pipes

Firstly, advantages on welding technique. Aluminum pipes are applicable for thin-wall copper and aluminum pipe welding technique in industrial production, which is the key technique for air-conditioners’ connecting pipes to use aluminum to take the place of copper.

Secondly, advantages on life service. From the inner wall of the aluminum pipes’ point of view, as the cooling agent does not contain water, copper and aluminum connecting pipes’ inner wall will not be corroded.

Thirdly, advantages on energy saving. For the aluminum connecting pipes of the air-conditioners’ indoor and outdoor units, the more heat transfer efficiency, the better energy saving.

Fourthly, advantages on good bending properties. Aluminum pipes are easy to install and move


Surface Treatment for Aluminum Pipes

Chemical treatment: anodizing, electrophoresis coating, fluorine carbon spraying, powder coating, wood grain transfer.

Mechanical treatment: mechanical brushed, mechanical polished, sand blasting.



Aluminium pipes are widely used in various industries, such as cars, ships, aerospace, electrical appliances, agriculture, machinery, home furnishing, etc. Aluminum pipes are everywhere to be seen in our daily life.