Aluminum surface scratch causes and solutions

Aluminum surface scratch causes and solutions

Aluminum profile: scratches, scratches, scratches:

1, ingot surface attached debris

2, Ingot composition segregation, the surface there is a lot of segregation of precipitates

3. When the ingot has not been homogenized or homogenized, the ingot has a certain amount of hard metal particles. During metal flow through the working belt during extrusion

These segregated precipitates or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the work belt or cause damage to the work belt and eventually cause scratches on the surface of the profile.

4, mold cavity or work with debris on the work, the mold with a low hardness, so that the work zone surface in the extrusion injury and scratch the profile;

5. There are hard metal inclusions in the exposed track or on the oscillating bed. Scratches on the surface of the profile when it comes into contact with the profile;

6, in the fork material bar from the material out of the track on the swing bed, due to excessive speed caused by profile damage;

7. Injured by artificially dragging profiles on a swing bed;

8. The friction or extrusion between the profiles causes damage during transportation.

 Aluminum surface


1. Strictly control the quality of the ingot's chemical composition;

2, improve the quality of mold repair,

3, to improve the precision of mold manufacturing and mold nitride regularly and strictly enforce the nitriding process parameters;

4. Use soft felt and plastic strips to separate the profiles from the auxiliary tools. Minimize contact damage between profiles and accessories;

5. Handle with care in production, try to avoid dragging or flipping profiles at will;

6, in the material box reasonably placed profiles, try to avoid mutual friction.