Anticorrosion treatment of aluminum profile

Anticorrosion treatment of aluminum profile

Aluminum Profile anti-corrosion ability is not strong, easy to stain stains.


Therefore, Aluminum Profile parts usually have to carry out special oxidation treatment, so as to obtain corrosion resistance, wear resistance and other good performance of the artificial film.


There are five common methods of oxidation treatment:


  • Anodic oxidation method

  • Chemical Oxidation method


  • Micro Arc oxidation method

  • Rare earth Conversion membrane method


  • Laser Cladding Method


In addition to oxidation treatment can also be coated, the methods are:


  • Electroless Plating Treatment

  • Thermal spraying treatment


Selection and development trend of Aluminum Profile anticorrosive Coatings The advantages of Aluminum Profile parts are small in proportion, strong thermal conductivity, excellent mechanical properties, good processability, etc., but the oxide film formed by itself is difficult to resist the corrosion of the application environment, and it is necessary to improve its corrosion resistance through proper surface treatment.