Attention items of building materials purchase

The following points should be noted when purchasing and using aluminum alloy profile products:

1. Check the factory certificate, pay attention to the factory date, specifications, technical conditions, enterprise name and production license number.

2. Look carefully at the surface of the product, the product should be bright color, luster good, the surface can not have obvious scratches, bubbles and other defects.

3. Must pay attention to the product wall thickness, the door, the window material product thickness should not be less than 1.0mm.

4. Pay attention to the surface coating thickness, anodic oxidation products film thickness of not less than 10 μm, electrophoretic coating product thickness of not less than 17 μm, powder spraying coating thickness of not exceeding 40-120 μm range, fluorocarbon paint spraying products should be in the second coating above, can not be less than 30 μm.

5. Users in coastal areas are best to choose electrophoresis paint profiles with better corrosion resistance, powder spraying profiles or fluorocarbon spraying profiles.

6. The daily maintenance cannot use the brush and so on other hard things as the cleaning tool, should choose the soft cotton yarn and the cotton cloth.

7. Cleaning can be water, washing spirit and soap, but not other organics.