Basic Knowledge on Tile Trims in Tile Decoration

Is it Necessary to Use Tile Trims in Tile Decoration? How to Install?


There are two ways for using tile trims in home decoration: one is to make the backside of two ceramic tiles from 45 degree into 90 degree angle. Another way is to use the tile trims as the decorative strip for covering the outside corner of ceramic tile, with the base plate as surface, another side as 90 degree curved shape. Tile trims are usually made of materials such as PVC, aluminum alloy and stainless steel. Is it necessary to use tile trims in tile decoration? Now let’s find out the benefits of using tile trims and the method for use as follows:


The benefit for using tile trims

1.The outside corner of ceramic tile needs to grind before using. It is very easy to make the side not straight or have broken hole. That’s why we should use tile trims.

2.The connection between the ceramic tiles may appear gap for long time using. Tile trims solve the problem of dust and make it clean and tidy.

3.The edge angle may have gap or straight angle if not taking measures. Using tile trims can make it look more beautiful.

4.Tile trim’s colorfulness can easily match the floor tiles’ colors.

5.Tile trim is safer. Round angle and curved sides can reduce the harm of crash caused by straight angle and protect the corners well.


The Ways of Using Tile Trims

1.Fix the tile trims by using 3 nails to make the tile trims parallel to the wall.(Note: while fixing, leave some space for the wall corner and another needed space as the same height as ceramic tile to connect with tile trims.)

2.Spread the ceramic adhesive or cement on tile trims and then put on the tiles. Keep the round curved side of tile trims to connect close to the ceramic tile.

3.Keep the ceramic tile close to the tile trims when installing another side of tile, to keep the connection between tile and tile trims smooth and no gap.

4.After finishing the installation, clean the tile trims and the round curved side at the end.