10 Reasons for Choosing Cabinets Made of Aluminum Alloy

10 Reasons for Choosing Cabinets Made of Aluminum Alloy

1.    Aluminium cabinet is environment-friendly.

Aluminium cabinet is made of aluminum profiles. It has zero formaldehyde. Aluminum profiles are recyclable materials that can be recovered with insured value.

2.    Aluminum cabinet is waterproof.

Aluminum cabinet is not afraid of water or humidity. It can be washed directly with water and will never decay.

3.    Aluminium cabinet is fireproof.

Aluminium cabinet has strong heat resistance features. Tests show that aluminium cabinets can stand 200 and still stay intact. Even we put a burning wood on the cabinet, after long time of burning, the aluminum cabinets surface is still the same. So aluminium cabinet keeps the home safe from fire.

4.    Aluminum cabinet can control pests.

Aluminum cabinet is very strong and tough. It is not afraid of any pests, even white ants.

5.    Aluminium cabinet is impact resistant.

Aluminium cabinet is especially impact resistant. Experiments show when a steel ball of 227g drop from 3 meters high onto the cabinet, it is not destroyed at all. Its anti-bending strength reaches 150Mpa. If aluminium cabinets are used in a normal condition, their service life can be as long as 50 years or more.

6.    Aluminum cabinet is odorless and has no peculiar smell.

Aluminum cabinet is mainly made of aluminum profiles. Connecting pieces are mainly made of plastic steel. So aluminum cabinet is odorless.

7.    Aluminium cabinet has no deformation.

Aluminium cabinet’s thickness is generally 1.2mm or above. It does not absorb moisture. Aluminum profiles have very low thermal expansion coefficient. So aluminium cabinet will not get deformation.

8.    Aluminum cabinet is easy to clean.

Aluminum cabinet can be cleaned with detergent and washed with water, so it is very easy to clean.

9.    Aluminium cabinet has strong seals and trims.

Aluminium cabinet is designed for complete structure so the common problems of sticking, sealing and glue-come-off-issue will not happen.

10. Aluminum cabinet is durable and long lasting.

Aluminum cabinet is made of fine aluminum profiles, which are deeply anodized and meet the outdoors curtain wall quality requirements. The surface hardness reaches Webster 10°or above. That ensures the cabinets durable and service life is very long. 


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