Comparison of all aluminum and wood wardrobe

Comparison of all aluminum wardrobe and solid wood wardrobe


1.Environmental protection and health.

All aluminum wardrobe is a relatively healthy, environmental protection of a product, no formaldehyde, more suitable for home decoration use, it solves the long-standing problem of the wardrobe retained formaldehyde, therefore, in recent years gradually become a lot of people preferred furniture.

Because the solid wood retained a certain formaldehyde, the traditional family use of solid wood wardrobe generally have formaldehyde, the human body has a certain adverse impact factors.


2.Waterproof and moisture-proof.

Waterproof moisture is also a full aluminum wardrobe , but the general waterproof wood wardrobe is not good, once the water will appear all kinds of bad phenomenon, so its life is generally not full aluminum wardrobe durability long, and good quality of all aluminum wardrobe can generally use to more than 30 years, of course, Ogme also listen to customers said that some of the poor quality of the bathroom cabinets, use less than three years, there are problems, such as bleaching, deformation, rust and so on, characterized by the air is not in circulation, can greatly reduce the life of the wardrobe, if this situation is likely to buy the material you are not aluminum,

or material itself, because the real aluminum, such as the window of the long exposure to the rain will not appear any problems, at most, is some dirty material, but very convenient, as long as the wash with water can be.


3. Appearance aspect.

The whole aluminum wardrobe and the solid wood wardrobe look pretty lifelike, especially the far view, some people even think that is the same wardrobe, which is not, carefully look will find that the two are completely different, the first is from the two wardrobe of different feel, and then is color, all aluminum wardrobe bright colors, lines are also some like wood grain,

In fact, it can be customized according to some wood grain, but there is a difference is the life expectancy, the above also said that a layer of wood surface is more prone to a variety of undesirable problems, such as bleaching, water worm borers, cracking, mildew and other most common phenomenon, all aluminum wardrobe is very good to prevent these problems.