Difference between Floor Transition Strip and Floor Trimming Profiles

Floor transition strip is also called floor covering strip, which refers to the strip shape material used as the connecting part for the flooring with the same or different materials, such as the space between floor and skirting, floor and tile, between ceilings and so on. As the expansion factor for different materials is not the same. In condition to temperature difference, there is uneven ground. So that’s the reason why floor transition strip is used to fix the edge in the connection. Floor transition strip can not only prevent the floor from being out of shape, but also bring effect of beauty.

The main function of trimming profiles is the use for the gap covering. Usually the trimming profiles have varieties of floor trimming profiles, wall corner trimming profiles, furniture trimming profiles and so on. The floor trimming profiles not only cover the gap, but also make the floor looks more beautiful. Wall corner trimming profiles not only protect the corner, but also prevent the people from getting hurt. Furniture trimming profiles have the function of decoration, also they can make the furniture durable.