Difference Between Original Aluminum Profiles & Reused Aluminum Profiles?

Difference Between Original Aluminum Profiles & Reused Aluminum Profiles?

      Original aluminum is from aluminum ores and bauxite obtained from mining, and refine the pure aluminum from electric tank. Reused aluminum is a used aluminum generated by making scrap to do melting. The scrap could be  scrap automobile parts, ring-pull cans, aluminum windows and doors and so on.

Original aluminum profile is to use pure aluminum ingot to do melting and combine with other alloy materials. The ratio of aluminum ingot and other alloy is 6:4.

While for reused aluminum profile, the surface of reused aluminum still exist other junk. It will increase the production cost if these junk is removed. Therefore, it is seldom to remove these junk while doing melting.

When distinguishing the quality of aluminum profiles, you can check the cross section of mill finish profiles, which have not done any surface treatment. Original aluminum looks more shining, appearing the original colour of aluminum. It has high purity. You can even see it reflects the light under the sun. There’s no dark point in the cross section. And it is easier to make colour surface treatment. While for reused aluminum profiles you will see black or gray colour. It is not shining at all.

     The features of original aluminum profiles are: they are strong tough, with high elasticity, smooth to touch. As for reused aluminum profiles, there is no elasticity, having a harsh touch, low hardness. They are easier to be deformed, rusty and faded.

     It’s obvious to hear that low quality aluminum profiles sound dumb while high quality aluminum profiles sound clear. XTM aluminum industry CO., Ltd. only uses original aluminum to make high quality aluminum profiles.