Edge Component Distinction

1, from the number, the construction of the edge of the component with the letter G head, such as Gaz, Gdz, Gyz, Gjiz and so on, the constraint of the edge component with Y, such as Yaz, Ydz, YYZ, Yijiz and so on.

2, from the Atlas experience, Di71 page can be seen, constrained edge component than structural edge component to "strong" some, mainly reflected in the earthquake action. Therefore, the constrained edge components are applied to buildings with higher seismic levels (e.g., level a), and structural edge components are applied to buildings with lower seismic levels.

3, from the 11g101 diagram of the reinforcement situation can also be seen that structural edge components (such as the end column) only in the rectangular column in the scope of the layout of longitudinal tendons and stirrup, similar to the frame column, of course, can not be said that the structure of the edge of the end column must have no flange The constrained edge member has a shaded part in addition to the end part or the corner, and there is a "dotted area" between the shadow part and the wall body, which is characterized by encrypting the rib or simultaneously encrypting the vertical distribution bar.

4, 11g101 Atlas cites the Aseismic construction measures of the seismic wall in the code of seismic design of Gb50011 building, which can be further understood by reference to the code.

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