Edge Widget

The "Edge component" is a general designation of the Dark column and the end column of the 11g101 graph, which is divided into two categories: the structural edge component and the constrained edge member. The Ydz and Yaz are constrained edge-end columns and constrained edge-dark columns, which belong to the constrained edge members, and the Gdz and Gaz are structural edge-end columns and the structural marginal columns. These are unique in the shear wall structure, their role is the same, set at the edge of the shear wall, to improve the performance of the Force.

For the seismic grade One, three shear wall at the bottom of the strengthening part and the upper layer of shear wall limb, should be set to constrain the edge component. Other parts should be set to construct the Edge widget. (Gb50011 6.4.5; J-GJ-32010 7.2.14)

The constrained edge component is more strict to the volume stirrup ratio, and it is used in more important structural parts.