FAQ about Aluminum

FAQ about Aluminum

Q1.Why aluminum is non-ferrous metals?

A1.The narrow sense of non-ferrous metals, is a general designation of all metals other than iron, manganese, and chromium. Generalized nonferrous metals also include nonferrous alloys(A base of non-ferrous metals (usually greater than 50%), an alloy formed by adding one or more elements.

aluminum is a flying metal?

A2.Aluminum density is small, only 2.7g/cm³, the surface of dense alo film, preventing internal aluminum reaction, not easily oxidized. It is a commonly used material for airplanes, and 70% of modern airplanes are made of aluminum and aluminum alloys, so they are called flying metals.


Q3.Why aluminum is trivalent?

A3. Simply put, the outer electron configuration of aluminum atoms is 2,8,3. The outermost electron number is dissatisfied, the structure is unstable, 3 electron is easy to lose, so often show positive trivalency. However, it is clear that 3 electrons are more stable than the outermost electron and two electrons of the magnesium outermost layer, so the aluminum is not lively with sodium and magnesium.

Why aluminum profiles are typically surface treated?

A4. Aluminum profile without surface treatment, the appearance is not beautiful, and in the humid air is prone to corrosion. It is very difficult to meet the building materials in the high decorative and strong weather requirements, in order to improve decorative effects, enhance corrosion resistance and prolong the service life, aluminum profiles generally have to do surface treatment.

Q5.Why aluminum is more expensive than Iron?

A5. Although aluminum in the Earth's crust reserves more than iron, the production of aluminum is more complex than iron and aluminum is more lively metal elements, smelting needs through electrolysis, the entire production process to consume more than iron, so the price of aluminum is higher than iron.

Why do we use aluminum for soda cans?

A6. Aluminum cans have the following advantages: Not easily broken, light weight, light-proof.