Five Surface Treatment Methods For Aluminum Floor Edge Trim

Five Surface Treatment Methods For Aluminum Floor Edge Trim

In the construction industry, the use of aluminum floor edge trim has become more and more extensive, especially for building materials. Therefore, the beauty of aluminum floor edge trim is even more noticed. So now more aluminum manufacturers are more concerned with the aesthetic appearance of the aluminum sheet.

 1, electrophoretic paint

This method of treatment is currently the most used in Japan. After such treatment, the surface of the aluminum sheet exhibits a smooth surface, and the corrosion resistance is also enhanced.

2, powder electrostatic spraying

The main characteristic is to enhance the corrosion resistance of the aluminum floor edge trim. For some acid-base salts, this aluminum floor edge trim is superior to the oxide colored profile.

3, matte fabric

The aluminum floor edge trim itself is very bright, but in our lives there will be bright spots of interference in a certain environment. The use of matte will be able to overcome this shortcoming very well. Its surface is silky and silky and receives a lot of people like it.

4, multi-tone surface treatment

The traditional aluminum floor edge trim of traditional colors cannot meet the needs of some designers. In order to use aluminum floor edge trim better, various colors have emerged to make the colors of aluminum floor edge trim more perfect. The most important point is that It is the treatment that needs to be oxidized after polishing, and the effect is the best.

5, plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramization

This is the use of advanced science and technology. After this treatment, the quality of the aluminum sheet is excellent. Although the cost is higher, it is worth a penny. The most important thing is that this type of aluminum floor edge trim can also carry out a series of color registration.