Forward Heat deformation extrusion

Most of the hot deformed aluminum production enterprises adopt the positive heat deformation extrusion method to obtain the aluminium material which is in accordance with the desired cross-section shape through a specific die (flat die, cone mode, shunt die), which is the only aluminum production method Kim Hao-chun aluminum industry so far.

Forward extrusion process is simple, the equipment requirements are not high, the metal deformation ability is high, can produce a wide range of aluminum material performance controllability, production flexibility, tooling easy maintenance and repair.

The defect is the friction between the inner surface of the extruded cylinder and the aluminum material, the energy consumption ratio of the extrusion is large, the friction easily causes the heat of the ingot to increase the instability of the profile, damages the efficiency of the finished product, limits the extrusion speed of aluminum and aluminum alloy, speeds up the wear and service life of the extrusion die, and the Product organization performance table is uneven.