Function and Variety of Floor Cover Strip

Function and Variety of Floor Cover Strip

While wandering around the supermarket, even though the shops do not make partition from each other, the wooden floor is divided by metal strip. Metal strip belongs to one kind of floor cover strip. It is very common to see these floor cover strips in the wood floor of supermarkets, isn’t it? The function of floor cover strip is not only used in supermarket, its main function is to connect the parts of different materials, with the function of trimming edge. The function of floor cover strip is larger than decoration.


Function: Floor cover strip is one kind of decorative material. It is also named floor transition strip, which is used in different materials such as wood floor, skirting, floor tiles, wood floors, ceiling, ceramic tiles, etc. You may think that it is used for separating different materials so as to make the transition more good looking? In fact, floor cover strip is also used for preventing these materials which possess different properties from being tilted up. The expansion factor of different materials is not the same. In condition of temperature difference, there is uneven ground, so that’s the reason why we use floor cover strip to fix the edge in the connection. Floor cover strip not only prevents the floor from being out of shape, but also brings effect on beautify.


Variety: Floor cover strip is divided by material and function. According to materials, there are wooden floor trims, strengthen complex wooden floor trims, stainless steel floor trims, floor cover strip, copper floor trims, fiber floor trims, PVC floor trims and so on. On the basis of function, floor cover strip can be divided into door threshold profiles, stair nose strip, straight angle edging trims, U shaped floor transition strip and high-low transition strip and so on. Straight angle edging trims can be divided into two different styles: with base or without base.