How is the aluminum profile shape made

How is the aluminum profile shape made?

The aluminum alloy profiles in the market are round, square, flat, shaped, etc. How are these shapes made? In fact, these shapes are all extruded from aluminum after casting. The aluminum extrusion manufacturer tells us that the extrusion is based on the stress-strain state of the metal in the extrusion cylinder, the direction of metal flow, the lubrication state, the extrusion temperature, and the extrusion The speed and the structural form of the apparatus, the type or structure of the tool and the shape or number of the blank, the shape or number of the product, and the like are different. Extrusion methods can be divided into the following methods, these methods are not static, many classification methods can be used as a subdivision of classification:

1. According to the state of lubrication: no lubrication, extrusion, lubrication, extrusion, glass lubrication, extrusion, ideal lubrication extrusion (hydrostatic extrusion).

2, according to the extrusion temperature points: cold extrusion, warm extrusion, hot extrusion.

3, according to the shape or number of blanks: bar extrusion, pipe extrusion, solid aluminum extrusion, hollow aluminum extrusion, variable profile aluminum extrusion, single product extrusion (single hole die extrusion), and more Product extrusion (porous die extrusion).

4, according to the extrusion direction points: can be divided into positive extrusion, reverse extrusion, lateral extrusion.

5, according to the deformation characteristics: plane deformation extrusion, axisymmetric deformation extrusion, general three-dimensional deformation extrusion.

6, according to the type of equipment: vertical extrusion, horizontal extrusion, continuous extrusion.

7, according to the type of mold or mold structure: flat die extrusion, cone die extrusion, split die pressure, with a needle extrusion.