How to buy aluminum floor transition

How to buy aluminum floor transition, how much money, where there is aluminum floor transition manufacturer?

In the home improvement process, when we use wood flooring, we often need to use the aluminum floor transition. However, the number of aluminum floor transition used is not particularly large. Therefore, some friends may ask how to buy these aluminum floor transition. How much is it?

Although the number of floor beadings is not so much, it is also an indispensable small item in the decoration process. We naturally cannot ignore it when buying. In general, you can go to those places that specialize in selling floors, but the prices of the aluminum floor transition that are purchased in these places are relatively higher. Because of the small number of uses, these dealers have purchased a batch of long strips that have been purchased from the manufacturer's volume, so that a single root is sold, either by size or by number of roots. We often see 25, 30, and even some materials can reach 60-80 yuan a. The purchase of the buckle at the floor store, because of its use as an accessory, does not have a particularly large number of sales, so it naturally rises in price.

In addition to floorboarding for aluminum floor transition purchases, we can also go to places where there are dedicated aluminum floor transition for purchases. The bead purchased in these places will be much cheaper than the floor outlets. The same length of the bead, where the price is only half the price of the store, usually about ten yuan can get. Of course, we have to find a place where we can sell batten. In addition, purchasing at these locations is not only cheap, but also the selection of quality and types. Everyone can choose according to their own needs and home decoration style, and do not have to worry about being limited by the type.