How to Choose Best Material for Edge Trims?

                  How to Choose the Best Material for Trimming Profile?


There are many different kinds of materials for making edge trim profiles, such as stainless steel trim, PVC trim, stone trim, wooden trim and aluminum edge trim profiles.


How to choose the best material for trimming profiles? Now we will analyze advantages and disadvantages about different materials of edge trim profiles:


1.       Stainless steel edge trimming profiles

Stainless steel has features of anti-corrosion, rust-proof and high hardness, but rusting problems may also occur due to environmental condition and manufacturing processes. Compared with other metal materials, weight of stainless steel is a major concern regarding shipping in purchasing cost.


2.       PVC edge trim profiles

PVC’s full name is Polyvinyl Chloride. PVC edge trims have the features of colorful, anti-corrosion, not easy to deform, and durable. PVC edge trim profiles are not only waterproof but also fireproof to some extent. PVC edge trims are cheap in price and light in weight, so its shipping cost is lower. But PVC edge trim also has some disadvantages. PVC tile trim is easy to be out of shape under high temperature. Above all, PVC floor trim is harmful to the environment and human beings. PVC is a carcinogen which generate toxic substance during production and use of it may lead to cancer or other disease.


3.       Stone edge trim profiles

Stone edge trims have features of high compression strength, excellent water and abrasion resistance, with beautiful natural texture and much longer service life. But in capability of chemical resistance and stains such as ink, coffee and tea, stone floor trims are easy to get polluted if not cleaned in time. Stone edging trims are difficult in production, and the products have difference with the samples. Shipping cost is relatively high. During shipping, breakage or damage of stone edge trims may be also a problem.


4.       Wood edge trim profiles

Wood is a medium weight and high strength natural material, which has good elasticity, is easy to process and non-pollution. Wooden edge trim profiles do not produce toxic material during service. Wood edging trims appear in special decoration effect due to their natural beautiful pattern, but during production, painting covers on wood edge trims may produce exceed limit of Methanol. Methanol is colorless, transparent and toxic volatile liquid, which seriously stimulate human nerves and lead to Leukemia. And one more defect of wooden edge trims is that they will have deformation and decay when in humid condition.


5.       Aluminum edge trim profiles

Aluminium edge trim profiles have the advantages of light weight and high strength, good plasticity and anti-corrosion. Aluminum edge trimming profiles can be made as bright and shiny as stainless steel, beautiful wooden edge trims, stone edge trim pattern or other colorful effects according to customer’s requirements. Shipping cost is relatively lower than other materials. Besides, aluminum edge trims will not produce toxic substance. It is a recyclable material. So, trimming profile made of aluminium is the best choice.