How to choose flexible floor edging in decoration

With the development of the times, people are increasingly pursuing high- quality products. It’s also the same in the building material market. Therefore, aluminum products become very popular.


During decoration, the role played by the flexible floor edging is also important. It not only can increase the beauty of the house but also can cover the floor of the expansion joints. If the flexible floor edging is not installed, those cracks are easy to hide dirty things, which makes cleaning not convenient. So the role of the floor trim is to make the floor more beautiful and increase the overall effect.


flexible floor edging is divided into many types. There are solid wood floor trim, PVC floor trim, aluminum floor trim and so on. The color and style of solid wood floor trim are few. They are easy to mold, and the board with methanol is not environmentally friendly. PVC floor trim is easy to distort and not environmentally friendly. While aluminum floor trim is highly smooth, not easy to deform or fall off, with more colors and styles, environment friendly, and recyclable. If we compare aluminum floor trim with PVC floor trim, PVC floor trim has relatively lower price, but aluminum floor trim is more cost effective.

So personally, considering environmental protection and durable factors, aluminum floor trim should be preferred in decoration use.