How to determine the quality of aluminum doors and windows

How to determine the quality of aluminum doors and windows


1. The production of wooden aluminum doors and windows is simple and suitable for manual processing. It is a form that has been widely used.

2. Steel-aluminum profile doors and windows have high strength, small cross-section, less light blocking, and can prevent fire. The steel and aluminum profile doors and windows profiles used have been continuously improved to form a variety of product specifications. Ordinary steel aluminum doors and windows easy to rust, heavy weight, high thermal conductivity. Nowadays, newly developed aluminum-leafed steel doors and windows, steel-and-plastic steel doors and windows, colored steel-aluminum doors and windows, and hollow steel windows have greatly improved the corrosion and energy-saving performance of steel-aluminum doors and windows, and have been promoted in new houses. use.

3. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are light, tall and straight, exquisite, good sealing performance, has been widely used in more demanding houses. However, the aluminum alloy has a large thermal conductivity, a poor thermal insulation and a high cost. At present, plastic aluminum windows made of materials with good insulating properties, such as plastics, can greatly improve the thermal performance of aluminum alloy doors and windows.

4.Plastic aluminum doors and windows of the thermal performance, processing precision, corrosion resistance, aluminum doors and windows are promising types of development. At present, the cost of steel and aluminum doors and windows produced in China is high, and the strength, rigidity and aging resistance are still to be improved. However, with the development of the plastics industry, the service life of high-strength, aging-resistant plastic aluminum doors and windows has reached more than 30 years. Aluminum doors and windows will increasingly apply.