How to distinguish aluminum office Partition profile?

How to distinguish aluminum office Partition profile?


1. Oxidation: when you choose to buy can be on the surface of the aluminum office Partition profile, to see if the surface of the oxide film can be wiped off.

2. Chroma: The same aluminum office Partition profile color should be consistent, such as obvious color difference, that is not suitable to buy.


General normal aluminum office Partition profile section color is silvery-white, homogeneous texture, if the color dark, can be determined for the recovery of aluminum or aluminum scrap melted into.


3.F latness: Inspect the surface of aluminum office Partition profile, no sag or bulge.

4. Strength: When buying, you can bend the aluminum office Partition profile with appropriate hand, if you do not have the strength to bend the profile, then it can be determined that the strength of the aluminum office Partition profile is not up to standard, the other profile strength is not the harder the better, aluminum office Partition profile has a certain toughness, not hard materials, the use of this feature to forge into different shapes, so the owner in the purchase need to look for brand,careful observation.

5. Thickness: Commonly used 70, 90 series of aluminum window profiles, the wall thickness should be 1.2-2.0 mm.


Balcony window aluminum wall thickness of the national standard for 1.2mm, Dew Dream Open balcony window profile wall thickness 1.4-1.6, no frame window up and down beam heavy parts of the thickest 3-4mm, far beyond national standards.


6. Gloss: aluminum office Partition profile to avoid the purchase of open air bubbles and ash slag, as well as cracks, burrs, skin and other obvious defects of the profile.