How to distinguish whether the aluminum alloy profile is qualified

How to distinguish whether the aluminum alloy profile is qualified

Aluminum alloy profiles can be divided into raw aluminum and mature aluminum. Raw aluminum is less than 98% aluminum. The properties of the aluminum are relatively brittle and can only be found in foundry products. Cooked aluminum is more than 98% aluminum. It is soft and can be calendered. A variety of utensils are rolled.

Today we come to talk about the characteristics of inferior aluminum alloy profiles:

Aluminum alloy profiles

1, the chemical composition of the substandard, in the product doped with a lot of aluminum and aluminum scrap aluminum alloy profiles its cost will be greatly reduced, but it will lead to the construction of aluminum profiles chemical composition is not qualified, serious will Endanger the safety of construction projects.

2, poor quality aluminum alloy profiles will greatly reduce the time of closure, but also reduces the loss of chemical reagents, the cost is reduced, but the corrosion resistance of profiles is greatly reduced.

3, the thin oxide film thickness. According to the national standard, the thickness of the oxide film of the aluminum alloy profile in construction should not be less than 10um. If the thickness is not enough, the surface of the aluminum alloy profile is easily rusted and corroded. According to experts' estimates, for every 1um of oxide film thickness, at least 150 yuan per ton of material consumption can be reduced.

Unqualified aluminum alloy profiles can cause deformation of aluminum alloy profiles due to air, rain, and sunlight during use, and may even result in glass breakage and detachment.