How to handle the stairs to prevent slippery?

In order to be beautiful in decoration, may use a variety of exquisite marble staircase countertops, although the beauty reached, but the security is not done in place, do not pay attention will fall, children, the elderly generally walk is not very stable, so slippery to the possibility is very large, then how can the staircase skid?

1. Anti-slip Groove

The groove is polished on the edge of the pedal when it is decorated. Can play the role of Non-slip, this may be the simplest way to add nothing, but do not pay attention to the maintenance may be the Groove line wear is very large, and then the Groove line will be lighter, reduce anti-skid, and groove more difficult to clean , but most people will use this method.

2. Inlaid slip resistant stair treads

Many people's staircases will also be inlaid with slip resistant stair treads on the edge of the staircase stone surface, for example, copper, metal bar is slightly above the stone surface, so as to play a non-slip effect, but if not good, it may soon loose, loose, gum is also difficult t o deal with, so do time to be careful, usually pay attention to maintenance.

3. Anti-slip Sand strip

You can put 2 or 3 non-slip sand strips on the edge of the stair pedal, but if you use it for a long time, you may be able to remove the sand, affecting its effect, and when you want to remove it, it is hard to clean.

4. Ladder blanket block Skid-proof

Some people think that the whole carpet is too wasteful to choose a block ladder blanket, ladder blanket is usually glued to the staircase, paving before the staircase to clean, determine a good laying position, and then carry out the shop, 2 hours not to trample.

5. Particle pasting method

This is mainly applied to the glass pedal, on the surface of the pedal metal particles, non-slip effect, although good aesthetic degree or not, but the long-term trample easily fall off, the construction is difficult, the need for professional workers.

6. Carpet Non-slip

Although the carpet is very practical, and can improve the grade, but cleaning is not very convenient.