How to Identify Quality of Aluminum Profile

How to Identify Quality of Aluminum Profile


Core TIP: Aluminum profile quality can be good or bad. And generally buying a large number of aluminum profiles, it is impossible to check by each one. In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, choosing a good supplier for aluminum profile is very important. If you understand the impact of the quality of aluminum profiles of several major factors, you can use this as a basis to buy good quality material.

Aluminum profile alloy elements

Aluminum 6063 Alloy is Al-Mg-si as the main elements of the alloy. Each element has a certain range of content. The price of magnesium is high. Some aluminum profile manufacturers want to reduce costs, so they use the amount of magnesium to the minimum allowable content. There are also aluminum profile factories who add waste wire and waste pots to the alloy that the material basically cannot be called 6063 alloy any more. Thus it results in low mechanical strength of aluminum profile which can be bent easily just with hand. This is one of the reasons why aluminum profiles can be cheap for thousands of yuan.

Formal aluminum profile manufacturers, in the preparation of alloy composition, have internal standards. That is, in the range of a variety of elements, each aluminum profile factory has their own smaller range of changes, aluminum, magnesium, silicon ratio between the requirements are very strict. Each aluminum profile plant has its own data and mutual confidentiality. In order to ensure quality for aluminum profile, a qualified formula to make aluminum alloy is necessary. Otherwise, quality is not good no matter how well the aluminum profiles are processed.