Industrial aluminum profiles have become the favourite of material market

Industrial aluminum profiles have become the favourite of material market

At present, with the continuous development of industrial aluminum profile market, high-end industrial aluminum profiles are already on the rapid development stage of strategic transformation through heavy capital investment. 

   The development of aluminum alloy profile is of great significance to the whole industrial aluminum profile market, because the performance of aluminum alloy profiles is superior, 6063 materials, 6061 materials, 7 Series 5 lines and other lines of aluminum profiles have been developed,all high-end or low-end markets are involved,they have their own market space, The spring of high-end industrial aluminum profiles has arrived. The active development of imported alternative products by industrial aluminum profile enterprises and the new demand for industrial aluminum profiles which may be brought the upgrading of consumption structure that will be the two major factors driving the rapid development of high-end industrial aluminum profile market.


It is expected that the proportion of domestic industrial aluminum profile consumption will gradually increase, industrial aluminum profiles for the total consumption will be more and more high, the future annual growth rate and development of industrial aluminum profiles have more potential. Industrial aluminum profile applications in the high-end field, its performance can be fully applicable to the high-end industrial field of all aspects, whether it is aerospace, medical equipment in the field of medicine, high-tech field precision instruments, all kinds of processing machine tools and so on, industrial aluminum profiles have a very good market penetration.


The transformation and upgrading of various industries, the demand for new materials and applications in all high-end fields for the rate IC market to bring a driving role, In the next few years, the automotive industry, factory enterprises production, robotic arms and other factory lines of large areas of enterprise transformation, enterprise production needs to achieve intelligent automated production to replace manual production.

   For industrial aluminum profiles to provide a large number of markets, enterprise transformation needs to carry out equipment innovation, enterprise production environment needs a large number of aluminum profile materials for layout transformation, such as assembly line production equipment, equipment fencing, automotive process needs of the car shell, robotic arm and industrial aluminum profiles for production, In the next few years, consumer electronics and delivery equipment will be strong growth in the aluminum profile market. In the field of consumer electronics, industrial aluminum profile consumption will achieve an average annual growth rate of 30%. Among them, mobile phone products for small batches of aluminum profile sales will continue to maintain high-speed growth, its demand for aluminum alloy substrate growth rate is expected to double. In addition, the transportation industry is a new bright spot for the consumption of industrial aluminum profiles, the total demand for aluminum profiles for high-speed rail vehicles and aluminum profiles for urban rail transit is expected to reach tens of thousands of tons, with an average annual growth rate of more than 30% over the next three years. This allows many industrial aluminum profile manufacturers to benefit from the increase in processing fees brought about by the upgrading of product structures and the increasing capacity of capital inputs to the industrial chain, which will be the two driving factors for future profit growth.