Knowleage about Brushed Aluminium Tile Trim

Knowleage about Brushed Aluminium Tile Trim

Brushed aluminium tile trim is a modern decoration of a new decorative materials or replacement products.

Brushed aluminium tile trim raw materials, the service life than the general aluminum extension (3-5) times, its yield strength of up to 110Mpa or more.

In the past, when we pasted 90 degrees around the corner tiles, workers have to use cutting machine to grind the corner of tile to 45 degrees before pasting. The material, color and each corner tile has to be the same, so slow. What is more, tile easy to collapse causing material waste.

Whether to use brushed aluminium tile trim or use waterproof board to decorate wall, there will be many corners(internal corner and external corner).The treatment of these corners, not only will directly affect the overall effect of the renovation, but also reflects the overall level of decoration.

Aluminum alloy because of the high rate of die-casting, casting compact, finished high strength, no fracture characteristics, strong flexibility, and copper-plated coloring effect is good, light weight, decorative effect.

Brushed aluminium tile trimcan be used to modify the corner, can also be used to decorate the edge, such as the edge of Dado Capping and skirting board.