Knowledge about aluminium cabinet

Knowledge about aluminium cabinet

Aluminum Cabinet is the current performance is relatively good and it has following advantanges:

1.Aluminium furniture has longer service life and stronger waterproof and fireproof performance.

2.Waterproof nature: The Aluminum furniture body long-term bubble water does not rot, does not mold, never changes color

3.Impact Resistant:luminum kitchen Cabinet has a strong impact resistance, the experiment proved to withstand 227g of steel ball from 3m to fall without damage test, bending strength of 150Mpa.

4.Easy to clean: No odor: Aluminum furniture Cabinet can be used to wash the detergent directly, cleaning easy.

5.High durability: Aluminum furniture Cabinet body to ensure durability, more practical.

6.Pest control Ant:The aluminum kitchen cabinet is so hard that even termites have nothing to do with it.