Knowledge about aluminium transition strip

 Knowledge about aluminium transition strip

  Although the number of floor beadings is not so much, it is also an indispensable small item in the decoration process. In the home improvement process, when we use wood flooring, we often need to use the aluminium transition strip

   We all know that aluminium transition strip are sometimes used during the renovation of the floor. These batten bars are also used when installing doorways in rooms and living rooms, living rooms and kitchens, toilets, etc.

    Aluminium transition strip, generally used for the floor or between the door and the seam, because the wood floor by block and block, in some cases must leave a big gap ,for the sake of beauty, so put a piece of wood on top .

    Aluminium transition strip is mainly used between the floor and the floor, on the one hand, for the two different materials can be harmonious, on the other hand, to protect the floor is not easily tilted, but also to fill the floor and the floor between the gap.

In order to install the aluminium transition strip effect is more beautiful, need to shrink into a centimeter or so, so that the installation of the floor edge trm will be aligned with the wall. The second is the installation of the aluminium transition strip.

In order to purchase quality laminate aluminium transition strip, it is recommended that you do not choose small business hawkers to purchase. Try to choose a large-brand flooring company with a quality guarantee or a large sales center to purchase.