Knowledge about aluminum fruniture handles

Knowledge about aluminum fruniture handles

Aluminum fruniture handles, in daily life everywhere, doors, cabinets, windows and so on.

Aluminum fruniture handles with the continuous progress of the process, now the color of oxidation are: matte, light, champagne color, sandblasting silver and so on.


Coupled with electrophoresis, spraying and other processes, so that the color of the aluminum fruniture handles more diversity. 

Aluminum fruniture handles is currently available on the market a wide range of, in the material may not be compared with the stainless steel, there may be almost, but it itself has a lot of stainless steel can not match the place. Quality, aluminum alloy rugged, can be used for a long time, but also will never fade. In the process, the aluminum alloy material than stainless steel to be softer, so its style is changeable, in the Fruniture handlescan do excellence. And the most important thing is that its price is much lower than that of stainless steel.

So the aluminum alloy is also a good choice.

And if the aluminum Fruniture handles to die casting, the light mold fee is a big amount of money. But as far as the price of light products is concerned. The aluminum Fruniture handles also has an advantage. The same size of the handle, zinc kitchen cabinet pulls is more than half the weight of aluminum kitchen cabinet pulls. And the late increase is. Electroplating is more expensive than oxidation. Of course, if it's made of aluminum, it's cheaper.