Knowledge About Aluminum Profile Accessories

 Knowledge About Aluminum Profile Accessories

Corner fitting series:20 series,30 series,40 series,45 series,60 series,80 series.

20 Series: 2020 corner fitting,2028 corner fitting

30 Series: 3030A corner fitting,3030B corner fitting,3060A corner fitting,3060B corner fitting,3060C corner fitting,3040 corner fitting

40 Series: 4040A corner fitting,4040B corner fitting,4040C corner fitting,4080A corner fitting,4080B corner fitting,4080C corner fitting

45 Series:4545A corner fitting, 4590A corner fitting

60 Series: 6060A corner fitting, 6060C corner fitting,6060B corner fitting

80 Series:8080A corner fitting,8080B corner fitting,8080C corner fitting


European-Standard series: European-standard T-slot nuts, European-standard T-slot bolts, elastic nuts, slider nut, flange nut, top wire, elastic fastener, countersunk head hexagon bolts, round head hexagon bolts, etc.

Cover: Divided into European standard cover and international cover

20 Series: 2020 cover,2040 cover

30 Series:3030 cover,3060 cover

40 Series:4040 cover,4080 cover

45 Series:4545 cover,4590 cover

50 Series:5050 cover,50100 cover

60 Series:6060 cover

Hook: Hook can be divided into nylon hooks and aluminum alloy 30 series, 40 series, 45 series

Handle: Handle can be divided into nylon handle and aluminum handle 90 series, 120 series, 180 series

Spacer block: Color can be divided into black and white. There are 30 and 40 series

Hinge: Hinge According to the material can be divided into: nylon hinge and aluminum hinge. Hinge has detachable and non-removable series.

E.g.:20 series,30 series,3040 series,40 series,45 series,50 series

Detachable series: 30 series,40 series,3040 series

Semiaxis connector: 30 semiaxis, 40 semiaxis, 45 semiaxis

Chamfered groove: The chamfered groove has galvanized and aluminum two kinds of material

The chamfered groove has the European standard and national standard. National standard has 30 series and 40 series , but national standard and European-wide also has common chamfered groove.

3D links:30 series,40 series,45 series

Turning links:40 series,45 series

Slotted link: 30 series, 40 series, 45 series

Activity Links: 30 series, 40 series, 45 series. Has zinc alloy and aluminum material, generally speaking, aluminum is relatively less expensive.