Knowledge about cabinet hardware pulls

Knowledge about cabinet hardware pulls


Cabinet hardware pulls, in daily life everywhere, doors, cabinets, windows and so on.


The quality of the cabinet hardware pulls directly will determine the effect of the use of these furniture, the poor hardware handle will heap furniture to cause different degrees of damage. Cabinet hardware pulls in the furniture cabinets in the most widely used, hardware handle can be embedded into the new popular elements of high-end cabinet accessories, with a new process production, instrument art standard production, after electroplating popular antique, fashionable color, representative color can be: Bronze, white bronze, Curry bronze, bronze silver, baked black, gold-plated, chrome,Pearl Silver and other home colors.


Aluminum Cabinet hardware pulls  with the continuous progress of the process, now the color of oxidation are: matte, light, champagne color, sandblasting silver and so on.


Coupled with electrophoresis, spraying and other processes, so that the color of the cabinet hardware pulls more diversity.


Use: Cabinet hardware pulls is a part of home decoration hardware, its main use in furniture, bathroom cabinets, cabinets, wardrobe and other furniture.


Cabinet hardware pulls specific decorative role, but the most important role is the role of the pull.


Furniture handle belongs to the decorative hardware, such as cabinet handle, wardrobe handle, drawer handle, bookcase handle and so on.