Knowledge About Corner Trims

Knowledge About Corner Trims

Whether to use ceramic tiles to tile the wall and the floor or to use waterproof board to decorate the wall, there will be many corners (internal corners and external corners). The treatment of these corners will not only directly influence the overall effect of the renovation, but also reflects the overall level of decoration.


Corner trims are now widely used in office buildings, hotels, restaurants, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, factories and home decoration. Using corner trims not only enables engineers to get rid of the trouble of cutting tile edge, improve the decoration efficiency, but also beautify the decoration effect and play a role in security in public places.


External corner trim can make decoration achieve unity and harmony in space, surface and lines, which is the highest goal in decoration. In recent years, the treatment of external corner in tiling ceramic tile has been a touch of two viewpoints using traditional edging and modern trimming.


Corner trims have the advantages of saving labor and cost, reducing loss, beautiful outlook, safe protection, and so son. So corner trims are getting more and popular with engineers and end users.


Especially in some public places such as hospitals, schools, kindergartens, shopping malls, fast food restaurants, factories, etc., corner trims are designated to be used with wood floor, vinyl floor, tile floor, carpet and so on.


The external corner trim can be used to modify the corner edge. External corner trims can also be used to decorate the edge, such as the edge of skirting board.


Stainless steel corner trims and aluminum corner trims are specially used for decorating the ceramic tile corner in the decoration project. Pasting the tile on the wall via the tile corner special paste hole, a beautiful arc surface is formed at the corner.