Why Big Brand Name LED Camera Lights Use Aluminum Housing More and More?

LED camera lights became more and more popular with photography enthusiasts for their high brightness, energy conservation and long service life. LED camera lights are also environment friendly, small and portable. With the improvement of LED light source quality and operation performance, the LED light housing production technique is more and more delicate. Photography fans must have noticed that nowadays more and more LED photographic lamps especially from big brand name factories use aluminum housings. Compared with the former reinforced plastics LED light housing, what advantages does the aluminum LED light housing have?

When LED photographic lamps are launched firstly, light weight and being portable is their big selling point. All researches and designs on the LED lights are focused on this feature. According to the production technique and cost at that time, using reinforced plastics as LED camera light housing was appropriate to the market of the time. For example, LED light that uses high strength engineering plastic casing can limit the weight within 250g. The LED photographic light is very light and handy and many photographer fans love it!

But nowadays more and more LED photographic light begins to use aluminum casing or housing. It is decided by the market requirements to a great extent. Firstly now many photos are taken outdoors, which means the casing or housing of the LED camera light must be strong and durable. Secondly, the single time that people spend using LED camera light is getting longer and longer. As we all know, LED light gives off huge amount of heat when it is in use. If the heat cannot be dissipated, the LED camera light will not be able to work normally and its service life will be shortened. Plastic LED light casing is not as good as aluminum LED light casing at dissipating heat. The advantages for aluminum LED light casing is big. Furthermore, with the development of production technique and decrease of production cost, the design of aluminum LED light casing or housing becomes possible.

What are the advantages of aluminum LED light casing? After some product tests on the aluminum LED lights and feedback information from the clients, we have some conclusion as follows: Compared with high strength engineering plastic housing, LED photographic lamp using aluminum housing increases by 25% in strong and durable aspect. In dissipating heat, aluminum housing increases by 40%. If used outdoors where ventilation is good, heat dissipation can reach as high as 50%. The faster the heat dissipates, the better the LED photographic lamp works and the longer the service life will be. From the first half of 2017 market research feedback, we find that aluminum casing or housing will be the trends for high end LED photographic lights in the future.