Maintenance of aluminum profile & Aluminum Doors and Windows

Maintenance of aluminum profile & Aluminum Doors and Windows 


Maintenance of aluminum profile

1.      Scrubbing the surface of aluminum products with soft cloth or towels.  Use of corundum powder, sandpaper, wire brush or other hard objects is strictly prohibited to clean aluminum profile products.

2.      Aluminum alloy profiles are strictly prohibited to be loaded in a loose loading to avoid injury.

3.      When the surface of aluminum profile is eroded and polluted, it should be cleaned in time. Scale on the aluminium profiles can be scrubbed first with a soft cloth with alcohol or glue (first scrub with alcohol, if not working, use incense glue) and then wash with water.

4.      Use warm water with lubricant or neutral cleaner, do not use acidic or alkaline cleaner to wash aluminium profile.

5.      After cleaning the aluminium alloy profile, it is best to use high-quality paint protector on the anodic oxide film glazing, can also be evenly sprayed with a layer of acrylic grease nitrocellulose paint.

6.      According to the situation of the environment, aluminium alloy profiles need to be cleaned up regularly to maintain the brightness.


Maintenance of aluminum doors and windows 

1.  Open and close the window slightly

In the use of aluminum alloy doors and windows, do not push and pull hard. Aluminium doors and windows should be opened naturally. If you find that there are obstacles to push and pull, do not force, should check whether there is something blocking or deformation of aluminium windows and doors. Aluminum alloy doors and windows should also be frequently cleaned and kept clean, especially push-pull groove. If there is dust in the grooves, it will easily affect the push-pull effect for aluminium windows and doors.

2.  Do not squeeze aluminum frame

Generally speaking, when cleaning aluminum alloy doors and windows, it is best not to stand on the aluminum frame. The weight of people will easily lead to aluminum frame deformation. Also do not use aluminum frame to support heavy things.

3.   Choose the appropriate cleaner

Aluminum doors and windows can not use strong acid and alkaline cleaner such as scrubbing powder and toilet cleaning. These cleaner will corrode aluminum doors and windows, also can not use soap or washing powder. Washing it with water is ok.

4.   No water in the sliding chute

If there is rain hoarding in the sliding chute of aluminium window and door, the web glass and door frame should be timely wiped dry. Pay special attention to wipe dry sliding chute water. When sliding chutes of aluminium window and door are used for a long time, the friction increases. You can add a little oil or paint a layer of fire wax on it.

5.     Frequent inspection of vulnerable parts

Often check the vulnerable parts of aluminum doors and windows. Apply  regular lubricating oil to keep them clean and flexible. The frame link parts also need to be checked regularly. Tighten the bolts timely. And replace damaged parts, sealing wool and glass seal.