Material of Wall Corner Trim

Material of Wall Corner Trim

Acrylic, plexiglass, solid wood materials, metal materials, PVC, sponge & rubber, etc. are the common material of Wall Corner Trim.

1.Acrylic Wall Corner Trim: It looks like plastic, but the material aspects are far greater than plastic, it is more style patterns, a variety of patterns have, prices from dozens of to thousands of have, can be divided into transparent and translucent, often used in modern simplicity, the bad is said to be a long time will turn yellow, easy to accumulate ash, cleaning is also more troublesome, As for the installation of the words can choose to paste or punch.

2.Glass Wall Corner Trim: Glass material types also is popular in the market.It can be customized, good glass wall strips with high temperature resistance, acid and alkali, not afraid of impact and other characteristics.But now many manufacturers to do glass strip technology has yet to be improved, impact resistance can not be enhanced, if the wall is too large or will cause glass fragmentation, followed by the corners do not do slick treatment Texture is heavy, on the whole is not very safe, so it is not recommended to use this material

3.Solid wood Wall Corner Trim: solid wood wall corner trim, the appearance of looking luxurious, on the grade, suitable for use in Chinese style or European style, it is environmentally friendly and durable, not easy to deform, no acrylic soft, no glass fragile, can also be installed in the absence of corners or broken corners, installation is extremely convenient, just need to use glass glue on the can, Important value for money is quite high, so it is recommended to use solid wood wall corner trim

4.Metallic Wall Corner Trim: Metal wall corner trims are divided into aluminum alloy materials and stainless steel materials. Stainless steel is divided into wire drawing stainless steel and mirror stainless steel, no matter which of their firmness and impact resistance are relatively strong, and then can also make different wood grain effect, so it looks very high-end, installation method is also paste, simple and easy to operate.This is also a more recommended material

5.PVC Wall Corner Trim:PVC Corner, Waterproof and dustproof easy to take care of, soft texture, hardness is not high, accidentally hit may have a hole, the price is relatively low, the appearance can be smooth or imitation wood grain, suitable in the modern simple style, the whole is not very high-grade; its own glue strip, easy to install

6.Sponge & Rubber Wall Corner Trim: Sponge & Rubber angle Strip, soft texture, rich color, comparison cartoon, suitable for use in children's room, furniture corner, etc.