Precautions during Punching Process for Aluminum Profiles

Aluminum alloy is relatively soft compared to metal iron, more expensive and easier to break. So if aluminum alloy products need further machining, such as brushed, anodized, etc, they are easier to get scratches and marks during stamping or punching productions. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the mould production as follows:

1. Punching should try to be arranged in the latter stages.

2. Aluminum profiles are soft and moulds or dies are easily stuck, so there should be a 10% margin when designing the moulds or dies.  

3. During forming and bending, the aluminum chips that produced will cause dot marks and aluminium profile indentation marks. So the aluminum profile should have PE film for protection.

4. For parts that are punched after anodizing, a crack of 0.2-0.3mm should be made so as the anodize acid fluid can flow away in time.

5. As aluminum profiles are brittle and easy to crack, try not to make pressing lines.

6. All aluminum profiles should do the slow wire cut to avoid the burr.  

Apart from the requirements to the moulds or dies, we should also pay attention to the production procedures as follows:

1. To reduce the rejection rate, we should do 5S strictly,especially the cleaning, including the surface of the mould and punching machine. The production lines and package materials should have no sharp mess or dirty junk. Cleaning should be done regularly and the moulds should be cleaned both sides without any debris.

2. If big burr is found, the moulds or dies must be checked right away.  

3. Aluminum profiles are easy to get hot and become hard when accumulated. So some oil should be applied on the profiles to reduce heat before punching.

4. If aluminum profile products need a lot of punching, their moulds should be cleaned after it is punched to ensure both the moulds and the profiles are clear off debris. If hurt marks happens, the punching should be stopped until the reason has been found out.  

5. Aluminum chips may be caused when pushing the moulds. So the aluminum chips below the pushing parts should be cleaned after every day’s work.