Rust-proof aluminum (LF) relative to the International brand 5000 Al (Al-Mg) alloy.

Rust-proof aluminum (LF) relative to the International brand 5000 Al (Al-Mg) alloy.

Heat treatment is not strengthened, corrosion resistance, weldability, surface gloss is good, by controlling MG content, you can obtain different strength grade alloy. Less for decorative materials, advanced devices. Used in ships, vehicles, building materials. High welding components for ships, vehicle chemical plants.

6000 Al-MG Series Alloy

Mg2si precipitation hardening heat treatment can strengthen the alloy, good corrosion resistance, medium strength, good thermal processing, and thus a large number of extruded materials, good formability through quenching can obtain higher hardness. A large number of building profiles, industry is also the main source of materials.

Ultra-hard aluminum (LC) relative to international brand 7000al (Al-Zn-Mg-cu) high strength aluminum alloy and Al-Zn welding component alloy two categories

High strength, excellent welding and quenching properties, the disadvantage is that the performance of stress-resistant corrosion cracking is poor, which needs to be improved by proper heat treatment. The former mainly used in aircraft and sporting goods, the latter mainly used for railway vehicle welding structural materials.

$number (AL) Al-Li-series alloy

The biggest feature is the density of less than 7000 series Macin, high rigidity, high-strength, light weight, the range is under development (complex conditions of aluminum alloy resistance to decay has not been fully conquered), the main role in aircraft, missiles, engines and other military applications.