Titanium Plating Process

Aluminum alloy plating process, including material selection, polishing, chemical oil removal, rinse, activation, vacuum titanium plating process, characterized by it also includes:

A, pre-plating process, the process is activated and washed by water after the titanium aluminum profile placed in the salt, hydrochloric acid and water composition of the liquid in the chemical treatment, processing temperature is normal temperature, processing time to the liquid occurrence of intense chemical reaction;

b, electroplating process, the process of the plating liquid ingredients include nickel sulfate, nickel chloride, boric acid, 12 alkyl sulfate, saccharin, brightener, process conditions: current 3-4a Dm cathode movement, 5-7a Dm air stirring, bath temperature 50-60 Shan, ph value 3. 9-4. 2, plating time 15 minutes.

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