Treatment method of aluminum profile for office high partition

Treatment method of aluminum profile for office high partition

The treatment method of high partition aluminum profile: The surface treatment mode of high compartment aluminum profile basically exists three kinds of treatment methods,they are anodizing, electrophoresis and powder coating,each way has the advantage which occupies the considerable market share. 


High partition professionals believe that powder coating has the following significant advantages: 1.The process is relatively simple, mainly due to the production process of the main equipment of the automatic accuracy of the improvement, some of the main technical parameters have been able to achieve microcomputer control, effectively reduce the difficulty of process operation, while the auxiliary equipment greatly reduced. 

2.The product rate is high. In general, if the measures are appropriate, the production of nonconforming products can be controlled to a large extent.

3.The labor intensity of workers significantly reduced, due to the use of automated assembly line operations, feeding methods and fixture use has been significantly simplified, improve production efficiency, machine room fireproof glass partition, but also reduce the intensity of labor; High compartment experts their own manufacturers have played such an effect. 

4.The surface quality of the wool requirements of the standard has a significant reduction, powder coating and can completely cover the surface of the profile extrusion lines, cover up a part of the aluminum profile surface defects, improve the surface quality of aluminum profile products.

5.Some physical indicators of the coating film than other surface treatment film has a significant improvement, such as hardness, wear resistance, can effectively extend the service life of aluminum profiles.


High partition experts believe that aluminum powder coating which the process is the use of electrostatic spraying, the use of friction spray gun role, under the influence of accelerated wind, so that powder particles ejected from the gun body with a positive charge, with negatively charged profile contact, fireproof glass partition, resulting in electrostatic adsorption, and then after high temperature curing.

It also enhances the adsorption strength of the coating and prevents the paint film from falling off.