Types, properties and uses of thermally deformed aluminum alloys

The types of hot deformed aluminum alloys are divided into 8 categories according to their performance and use requirements, and their performance uses are different.

1, Pure aluminum (L series) relative to the international Grade 1000 series of pure aluminum,

Industrial pure aluminum, excellent machinability, corrosion resistance, surface treatment and conductivity, but low strength, for household goods, electrical products, medicine and food packaging, transmission and distribution materials.

2, Hard aluminum (ly) relative to the International brand 2000 Al (Aluminum copper) alloy.

It is applied to large component, bracket, high CU content and poor corrosion resistance.

3, rust-proof aluminum (LF) relative to the international brand 3000al Mn (aluminum-manganese) alloy.

Heat treatment can not be strengthened, machinability, corrosion resistance and pure aluminum, strength has improved, welding performance is good, widely used in daily necessities, building materials, devices and so on.

4, Special aluminum (LT) corresponds to the international brand 4000al Si (al-Si) alloy.

The main welding materials, low melting point (575-630 degrees), liquidity and good liquidity characteristics.