Use of Tile Trims Beautifies your bathroom or kitchen

Using a distinctive tile trim is a simple way to make your bathroom or kitchen look more elegant. Modifying or adding an outer row or column in tiles that have a different color or pattern than the rest of the plate is a functional alternative to replace an entire wall of tiles. New tile trims can give the entire wall a professional look, especially when the new tiles are replacement cracked or chipped tiles.

Kitchen borders

Tile trims in a kitchen works well in conjunction with a backsplash, which is wall space between the counters and the cabinets. Many homeowners use solid color tiles on the backsplash to add a splash of color to the kitchen. You can pick out a patterned tile trim to use on the edge of the solid colored tile rows, and also use the tile trim to encircle the edge of the cabinets or a nearby window. If you don't want to use patterned tiles, you can simply use tile in a contrasting color.

Kitchen tables

Kitchen tables, especially on islands, often showcase large, flat tiles or marbled tiles. A tile trim is not prone to go unnoticed in such a high traffic area, and using tiles around the counters or island adds a decorative touch to an otherwise very functional area. You can choose a solid color of tiles to match the cabinets or floor, or a festive patterned tile featuring flowers, fruit or ornate rolls. For a more striking look, you can choose metallic tiles, the same size or smaller than your solid color tile, and use it to make an eye-catching boundary.

More Color Trim

More color trim is an appropriate solution for a homeowner who has trouble choosing just one color and would also like to give the kitchen or bathroom a little textured effect. Select Tile trim in three shades of the same color, and put the trim pieces one after another in a designated to create a boundary. Alternatively, you can put the tiles one after another, no noticeable order, to create a cheerful, slightly dispersed effect.


When most people think of tiles, they think of squares. An effective way to make a distinctive but tasteful tile trim is to use tiles in other shapes, such as diamonds, triangles or hexagons. You would only have to choose a shade that is slightly darker than your primary color tile, to trim that stand out. These uncommon characters can give the whole room a unique look.