Varieties and uses of aluminum alloy pipe

Varieties and uses of aluminum alloy pipe

Aluminium and aluminum alloy tubes can be used for hot extrusion, cold extrusion, cold rolling, Lenglaber (including disk Tara), cold bending, Welding (cold bending forming + high frequency welding), spin pressure, continuous extrusion and other methods of production.

At present, aluminum alloy pipe varieties have reached more than thousands of. According to the wall thickness of the pipe can be divided into thin-walled tubes and thick wall tubes. Thick wall pipe is mainly produced by hot extrusion method, wall thickness is generally 5~35 mm, large extruder production of the maximum wall thickness can reach more than one mm.

Thin-walled tubes can be made by hot extrusion, cold extrusion, cold rolling, Lenglaber and other cold deformation methods, wall thickness is generally 0.5~5 mm, with the continuous improvement of cold rolling pipe machine, spinning method and welded pipe method, the minimum wall thickness of aluminum alloy can be as small as less than 0.1 mm. According to specifications can be divided into large diameter thick wall pipe, large diameter thin-walled tube and path thin-walled tube. According to the shape of the section can be divided into circular tubes, elliptical tubes, drip tubes, flat tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, hexagonal tubes, octagonal tubes, pentagonal tubes, trapezoidal tubes, ribbed tubes and other special-shaped tubes.

The variation of the section along the length direction can be divided into constant section tube and variable section pipe.

According to the production method can be divided into hot extrusion pipe, cold extrusion pipe, Conform extrusion pipe, hot rolling pipe, cold rolling pipe, spinning pipe, cold bending pipe, welding pipe, spiral pipe, coil tensile pipe, bimetallic pipe, adhesive takeover and so on. According to the use can be divided into military and civilian catheters, Shell tubes, container tubes, drilling tubes, casing, wave catheters, heat dissipation tubes, condensate tubes, evaporator tubes, nozzle tubes, agricultural irrigation tubes, flagpoles, utility poles, collecting bow rods and other structural parts pipe and decorative pipe, household goods and other tubes.