Varieties of Metal Decorative Trims

Varieties of Metal Decorative Trims


Metal decorative trims are mainly divided into three different metal trims: copper trims, stainless steel trims and aluminum trims.


Copper trims

1.    Features

Copper trims are made of alloy copper which is also named “brass”. It has high strength. It is wear resisting and anti-corrosive. Copper trims have gold gloss surface after processing.


2.    Function

Copper trims are mainly used in the transition space of marble ground, granite, water stone and floors like these. They are also used as the anti-slip strip for stairs, edging trims for carpets, liners for decorative column, decorative strips for high class furniture.


Stainless steel trims

1.    Features

Stainless steel trims have the features of high strength, anti-corrosion, waterproof, rub-proof, good performance on resistance to weather and has a surface as smooth and bright as mirror.

2.    Function

Stainless steel trims are used for different decorative surface such as edging trims, angle trims, etc.


Aluminum trims

Aluminum trims are made of pure aluminum ingot, with melting by adding metal elements such as Manganese, Magnesium and so on to make extrusion as aluminum profiles.

1. Features:

Aluminum trims have properties of light weight, high strength, anti-corrosion, wear resisting and anti corrosive, etc. Aluminum trims’ surface can be anodized. Aluminum trims have bright metal gloss. Aluminum trims also have good performance on resistance to atmosphere.

2. Function

  Aluminum trims can be used as the edging trims for decorative surface, decorative pictures and decorative mirror. Aluminum trims can also be used as the frames for advertising board, lighting board, display board, edging trims used in the wall or in the ceiling, etc. Aluminum trims can be used as trimming profiles for tiles, and as decorative trims for furniture and so on.

3. Specifications

Aluminum trims are mainly divided into varieties of angle trims, picture frames, carpet trims and tile trims.  .