What about the feature of aluminium tile edging?

Aluminium tile edging is made of pure aluminum ingot,with melting by adding metal elements as Manganese,Magnesium and so on to made extrude out aluminum profiles.

1. Features:

Aluminium tile edging have property of light weight,high strength,anti-corrosion,wear resisting and anti corrosive such these features.Aluminum trims which its surface could be anodized and made coloring surface treatment,with the color of bright gloss ,it also have good performance on resistance to atmosphere.

2. Function

  Aluminium tile edging could be used as the edging trims for decorative surface,decorative pictures and decorative mirror.To made aluminum trims as the frames for making advertising board,lighting board,display board,as the edging trims use in the wall or in the ceiling.aluminum trims could be use as trimming profiles for tiles,and as decorative trims for furniture and so on.

3. Specification

Aluminium tile edging mainly divided to angle trims,picture frames,carpet trims and tile trims such theses variety.