What Are the Features of Aluminum?

What Are the Features of Aluminum?


Aluminum element is the third richest metal elements in the earth crust, following oxygen and silicon. The development of the three major industries of aviation, construction and automobile, requires materials to have special features such as aluminum or aluminum alloy that greatly help aluminum in production and application.

   Then what are the features of pure aluminum?

1.     Small density and can be strengthen

Pure aluminum’s density is close to 2700kg/m³, about 35% for the density of iron. The strength of pure aluminum can be double increased by cold processing. Moreover, adding metal elements such as magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium, scandium and so on, to get melting process for further strength, its strength is on a par with good quality alloy steel.

2. Easy to be processed

Aluminum can be cast by any ways. Its good plasticity can make it rolled to thin plates and foil, draw to tubes, small thread or extruded into different kinds of civil used aluminum profiles. Also it can be machined such as punching, milling, boring, planning, etc. by using most of machine tools with the highest speed for processing.

3.     Anti-corrosion and good electric conductivity and heat conductivity

   The surface of aluminum is easy to generate a closed and steady protective film named Al2O3.This protective film can only be destroyed under the greatest effects of halogen ion or alkaline ion. Therefore, aluminum has good properties of anti-atmospheric(including industrial atmosphere and ocean atmosphere)corrosion and water corrosion. Adopting good protective ways can increase its anti-corrosion properties. The electric and heat conductivity of aluminum is good, only after metal silver, copper and gold.

4.     Low temperature brittleness not existing

On temperature below zero centigrade, the strength plasticity of aluminum will be increased instead of decreased.

5.     Good-looking and strong performance on reflection

The ratio of the reflection of aluminum surface for white light can be above 80%, the higher purity, the higher reflection ratio. Meanwhile, aluminum has good reflection properties to infrared rays, ultraviolet rays, electromagnetic wave, heat radiation etc. Aluminum and aluminum alloy appear bright silver gloss because of its strong reflection .It can be more glossy and brighter after machining. With anodized and powder coated treatment, aluminum profiles can be made into colorful and brilliant aluminum products.